Monday, May 25, 2009

Newport beach (2 weeks ago)

In order to switch things up a bit, I thought I'd take the kids on a drive up north a bit and check out one of the beaches I used to frequent as a kid. We drove along the PCH until we got to Newport. The kids were enthralled with some of the million + homes along the way, but were even more excited to set out on the ocean. The beach was pretty empty, but they didn't get in the water for almost an hour, as they found shells on the shore and that immediately took precedence. I have to say there were some pretty neat shells, and Avery found over 200+ before the day was over.

The girls thought the waves were too hard so they wouldn't go in again after the first 15 min. So I had them pose for a few pics on the lifeguard station instead.

I think Hayden had the best time as he had brought all of his Army guys and a few dinosaurs, and spent the day building elaborate tunnels, prisons, and mounted a massive offensive over the "hills" to take the dinosaurs alive and capture them. It was very fun watching him. He definitely can get lost in his land of imagination for hours. He's going to be one creative adult.
After picking our favorite sea shells for making necklaces, we left. It was a fun afternoon, despite the girls boycotting boogie boarding. Anytime where we can sit in the sun, with the sand between our feet, and hear the ocean= a great day for me!

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