Thursday, February 5, 2009

25+ Random Things About ME:

Since I've been tagged several times on Facebook to create a 25 Random Things about Me, I thought i would add it to my blog as well. In fact, I'll add a few more that weren't in the original post.

1. I worked on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska for a summer in order to pay for my mission.

2. I met my husband when I was 6 years old. (No, it wasn't an arranged marriage. We were neighbors.)

3. I was a pitcher for my high school softball team.

4. I moved out of my parent's home when I was 16. I lived with my older brother through high school and some college.

5. All of my children were over 10 lbs. We had to return all the newborn diapers & clothes.

6. My kids were born c-section. (refer to #5 for part of the reason)

7. I used to own a line of scrapbook and paper products. After 3 years I got burned out and didn't renew my licensing agreement.

8. When I was a teenager I had a horse. One good thing about living in the rural desert.

9. My first job was working at K-Mart as a cashier. (Hey, at least it wasn't fast food!)

10. My husband proposed to me in a hot-air balloon ride over Temecula vineyards at sunrise. Very romantic.

11. I'm left-handed, but can only cut with scissors or throw a ball using my right hand because when I was little teachers were still trying to "fix" lefties and force them to use their right hand. Go public education!

12. I've been a massage therapist for 14 years, but now mainly only trade other services for it, like; haircuts, chiropractic,kids' tutoring, etc. Very convenient skill to have if I do say so !

13. Dino and I had our first kiss at Disneyland.

14. My favorite color has always been green. It's the color of my eyes. It's through out my house. Love, love, love it.

15. I have a red house! It sounds shocking, (my mother was perplexed when I told her), but I live in a community inspired by vintage, turn- of- the- century homes and it's a beautiful craftsmen design.

16. I have my realtors license but I'm inactive right now. Why would I want to work in this market, right?

17. I love to snorkel. We went on 2 Carribean vacations this year and I am hooked on the warm, tropical water. I want to go back!

18. We are planning to take the kids on a one year RV trip around the U.S. soon. If we don't kill each other, it will probably be one of the most rewarding things we'll ever do.

19. Two years ago I pulled my kids out of public school and started homeschooling them. No, I'm not one of those religious fanatics, nor do I live on a compound. Just want to give them MORE of alot of things... More info, more independence, more diverse learning styles, etc. So far, I have kept my sanity, and I've learned stuff I never knew.

20. I love to read. But when I start a book, or series, I like to finish it quickly. Dino didn't enjoy it when I went MIA and read the Twilight series in 6 days. He's patient with my reading quirks :)

21. I was one semester shy of getting my bachelors in Elementary Education from NAU, but dropped out to move back to Ca. and marry an actor and go to massage school. It was the best decision of my life.

22. I have attended some personal development seminars where I've had the chance to eat fire, walk on broken glass, break boards, etc. Very empowering.

23. I make a great spaghetti sauce. (I learned some tips in Italy.) Dino loves it so much that I call it my "insurance policy". He will never leave me cuz he loves this sauce so much- lol!

24. I will be 47 when my last kid graduates from high school. Dino and I plan on doing a couples mission, humanitarian work, and traveling the world once they leave.

25. If I ever embark on a new career, it would be in photography. I'm a hobbyist now, but would love to incorporate travel, volunteerism and photography in some way... someday.

26. Dino and I are movie junkies. We love to go to the theater at least once a week, sometimes more. Usually we go in the middle of the week, in the afternoon. Perfect for beating the crowds, screaming babies and cell phone violaters.

27. I was Dino's model when he went to Special Effects & Beauty Make-up school. Which means I have pictures of me with heavy wrinkles, scars, bullet holes, and fanciful butterflies (ala Vegas Showgirl) It was a fun time.

28. I never plucked my eyebrows until I was 23 yrs. old. Refer to #27

29. My mother-in-law made me wear Lee Press-On nails at my wedding. I'm still haunted by it. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive her. Other than that incident, I love her.

30. I have a thing for McDonald's Diet Coke. My husband calls it an addiction, I like to think of it as a passion. It just tastes better than out of the can. It's creamier/smoother. I heard it's a special formula made just for McD's. Either way, I love it. But I need to wean myself off, so when they create a DCA (Diet Coke Anonymous) group, I'll be there.


  1. hey shannon! SO glad to have found your blog via dino's FB page!

  2. i added you to my google reader, so post often! I go by s'mee online, you'll see betty cooks also, ugh- technically i'm pretty lame, sorry, any who, you guys have really done well, fabulous family! So glad you are home schooling! Carolyn says you are amazing!

  3. oh I am laughing so hard right now about the Lee Press On Nails! That is awesome! cute blog!

  4. Nate is at the office stitching up a kids lip, so this post made my evening a little more fun. You are sooo cool!