Friday, March 13, 2009

Jen's baby shower

So my dear friend Jen is having her last baby, and her first girl after 2 boys, in about a month. She's never had a shower so I wanted to throw her one. Even if I didn't want to, my girls would've twisted my arm since they are so ready for a baby in our lives! 
The party turned out great. Some friends helped to bring finger foods and drinks. I bought the cutest poof ball decorations from a Martha Stewart party line of paper goods to go along with the balloons. (gotta love Martha's cleverness) One of the gals made the most amazing slushie-punch drink. Yummy. Another friend made the cutest custom Bingo cards for a game I wanted to play. It's so nice to have talented friends!
 Over 35 women showed up.  She got awesome, thoughtful gifts. Everyone chatted the night away, and it turned out to be 2 1/2 hours long so I'm guessing everyone had a good time. So glad for Jen and her baby girl. 
So part of my gift to her was  handmade artwork for Katie's room. I used a canvas and some of my scrapbook and art supplies. I think it turned out cute for my first attempt. The picture doesn't do it justice, but after a dozen shots, I give up!
Fun project. Fun party. Can't wait to meet baby Kate!


  1. I just love it when a party turns out well! Happy for everyone! Your gift is not only thoughtful, but fun and just gorgeous! What a great gift for a new baby room!

  2. That is gorgeous! And it was such a fun party!! You really know how to put together a great gig!